Joint development of chat bot

How to improve customer interactions?

Analyzing the chatbot market, I came to the decision that most chatbots are not useful because they have a limited knowledge base. They do not give the freedom of action that I would like to get from interacting with AI. Some platforms analyze user requests and then improve the chatbots knowledge base. But there is a problem in the speed and quality of understanding the needs of users. Therefore, I came to decided to create such a chatbot functionality with which users can make their improvements based on their needs and experience

On the other hand, I observed an informational problem around the coronavirus epidemic. I did not find any chatbot that could give me answers about the problem of the spread of this virus. All I noticed was the spread of panic from the lack of useful information. This became a great motivation for creating this type of chatbots, on which specialists could work together and create really useful chatbots for people who would solve the problem of useful information.

My ideology and vision of the development of AI in the future is that man and AI must learn to work closely. AI will never become human, and human will never become AI. But we can really combine the strengths of both sides and create truly useful products for users.

How it works?

I developed chat bot widgets that can be connected to a website. My goal is to create truly high-tech and useful widgets for users. As the startup develops, I add more and more AI models and various functionalities for customer service. At this stage, I added the joint development of the chatbot.

Each user can add any useful information to the chatbot knowledge base. These can be chatbot answers, useful links or videos.

To work with the knowledge base, I added tree-like diagrams of words where you can drive in a keyword and see how it is interconnected with the chatbot. This is a kind of neural connection in the brain of a chatbot. And of course, the more such links there are, the smarter the chatbot will be. Using these links, you can navigate what the chatbot knows and how it thinks.

To activate this joint mode, you just need to check the evolution mode in your account in the widget menu.

Chatbot Caronovirus

I decided to create a chatbot on the topic of caronovirus, so I hope for your help. I really hope this will be useful to users.